Guy Sends Girlfriend Bouquet Of Flowers Made Of £1,100 Cash For Bizarre Reason


Finding a gift for a loved one can be hard.

What do they like? What don’t they like? Do they already have it? For people who can’t stand the stress of gift shopping, most will usually settle on flowers – they look nice, smell nice, and – let’s be honest – they don’t cost much.

But even picking out a simple bouquet can be tricky. Are roses too much? What sized bunch is a good size? Which ones last the longest?

One guy in China found the answer too all of these problems: Ditch the real flowers and make her a bouquet out of cash.


The guy, from Jilin Province, sent his girlfriend a bouquet of bank note flowers worth more than £1,100, according to QQ, and had each individual bill rolled into the shape of a rose (although they look more like lilies) by a florist in Changchun.

The reason for the unusual gift? A good omen to start the year of the rooster with.

And it probably did its intended job. If you’re going to give someone £1,100 to start their year off with, it’s more than likely going to be a good one…