Guy Shoots Fly Out Of The Air With Nerf Gun

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Guy Shoots Fly Out Of The Air With Nerf GunCaters

If you’ve got a Nerf gun, you’ll no doubt have spent countless hours perfecting your aim and building your collection of impressive trick shots to show off to your mates.

You’ve probably just spent the entire time annoying your various family members with it, shooting them when they’re least expecting it and laughing hysterically whenever they get annoyed at you.


One guy who looks like he has managed to perfect his aim though is 21-year-old Lincoln Carroll, who somehow managed to shoot a fly out of the air with a single shot of his Nerf gun – a seemingly impossible feat that he captured on camera.

You can watch the whole thing unfold below:


It all started when Lincoln, a psychology student and skateboarder, got bored at his home in Caves Beach, Australia, while studying (read: procrastinating) for his exams.


Noticing the fly hovering around in the air, the 21-year-old decided to see how good his aim was. Recording the moment on his phone, Lincoln quickly aimed and shot his Nerf gun at the insect, resulting in it falling from the air.

‘I was stoked,’ Lincoln said. ‘I shouted out “Oh my God!” and couldn’t really believe what just happened. I’ve never shot a fly out of the air before or done any impressive Nerf trick shots for that matter.’

guy shoots fly out of air with nerf gunlinc__carroll/Caters News

Lincoln stressed that this isn’t something he does as a ‘hobby or anything’, adding: ‘I’ve only used a Nerf gun a handful of times, I just got lucky!’

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He had been studying for some online exams he was taking later that day when he saw the fly circling around his room. ‘[I] figured I’d go for it because it’d be something funny to show my friends, if I did actually hit it,’ he explained.

Thankfully, no flies were permanently harmed in the making of the video either, with Lincoln saying he found the fly ‘laying stunned on [his] mattress’ after the incident. ‘When I approached it, it got back up and flew around again albeit a little shook,’ he added. ‘The fly lived!’

guy shoots fly with nerf gunlinc__carroll/Caters News

Phew. All’s well that ends well, it seems. I just hope it didn’t distract Lincoln too much and stop him from revising.


Because let’s face it, after hitting a shot like that nobody could blame you for spending the rest of the day bragging about your achievements.

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