Guy Starts Scooter Company, Two Years Later It Makes $500,000 A Month And He Drives Bugattis


Some people are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them. One person started a company handing out flyers and is now earning six figures a month. He has most definitely achieved greatness. 

A three million dollar Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere, and a Mercedes AMG S63. No, this isn’t an episode of Top Gear with a particularly high budget; it’s 29-year-old Houston Crosta’s driveway.

Houston Crosta is the owner of a Las Vegas based exotic car rental company named Royalty Exotic Cars, and while it may seem like he’s living your dream life right now, he had to work hard to get there.

Beautiful morning to go for a drive in the Bug;)

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The entrepreneur began his business in 2015, where he walked the Las Vegas strip for eight hours a day wearing a sign on his back and handing out flyers for his motorised scooters that were available to rent, Forbes report.

Since 2015, Crosta managed to grow his company massively, adding 15 employees and 36 ultra-exotic cars, eight motorcycles and 30 Polaris Slingshots to his collection of vehicles to rent – Vegas’ real car lovers can even rent a Bugatti for $20,000 a day.

Crosta’s company now brings in a huge $500,000 a month in revenue.

According to Trip Advisor, Crosta’s rental company is the highest rated exotic car rental experience in Las Vegas.

Speaking to Forbes, Crosta explained how his business had become so successful. His company used unlimited mile rentals, a practise that was almost unheard of in the exotic car rental business. 

I was the first person to ever do that. No one ever did that before. Add in unbeatable service and I changed the way other people have to do this business. If you open an exotic car rental company right now without unlimited miles, with bad [customer] service, well… why would you even do it?

Crosta’s hard work has certainly paid off, as at just 29 years old, he is the proud owner of a Bugatti, a gated multi-million dollar home, a Mercedes AMG S63 daily driver, a dozen Hublot watches and a $15,000 custom gold .338 Lapua sniper rifle.


I feel like making money when I wear this piece. TMT

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Just as he moved from motorised scooters to Bugattis, Crosta is hoping to take on another new mode of transport for his company – with the development of a luxury regional airline.

Forbes report that the idea came to Crosta as he was brainstorming new ways to offer more value and luxury to his customers.

If you fly United, it’s like going to jail. You get treated like… well, you know what. It’s uncomfortable. First class is ridiculously priced and it’s only a little bit better. Then there’s the TSA who make you feel like scumbags no matter where you sit on the plane.

Everybody wants to come back to us because we take care of them, really good care. We teach them how to use cars. We make sure they’re comfortable. With them, you’re paying to be treated like… you know, so why not pay to be treated to luxury?

“Traction control off” type of day today;)

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Crosta is planning on removing all the stressful parts of flying, including having to get there super early to make sure you have time to make it through security.

With us and what we’re planning, you can get there just fifteen minutes before takeoff. You’ll have luxury seats, with your food and entertainment waiting for you. It’s clean, fast and easy, too.

Plus, because Royalty Exotic Cars exists, if you need a Lamborghini, it’ll be waiting for you at the terminal. If you need a Rolls Royce Ghost, the flight attendant can give you your keys. Now if I told you I can do all that for 500 bucks, would you do it?

If I had $500 to spare Houston, yes, I just might.

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