Guy Surprises Girlfriend By Converting Garden Into Mini-Benidorm

by : Emily Brown on : 01 May 2020 12:28
Guy Surprises Girlfriend By Converting Garden Into Mini-BenidormKennedy News and Media

A devoted boyfriend went above and beyond to give his partner the holiday she wanted during quarantine by converting their garden into a mini version of Benidorm. 

Mum-of-two Debbie Howes was planning on celebrating her 49th birthday in the popular Spanish seaside resort on April 15, but the getaway was sadly cancelled due to the outbreak.


Despite her fear of flying, Debbie has plucked up the courage to go to Benidorm every year for the past five years with her family.

lockdown benidorm in back gardenKennedy News and Media

She works as a care worker, but is off at the moment due to her asthma, so her boyfriend Robert decided to use the opportunity to make sure the annual trip still went ahead – kind of.

He commented:


We’re both a bit weird in the head.

Last year for my birthday [Debbie] made me Benidorm in a jar, which was a big fish bowl with sand, water beads and a person lying on a beach with a cocktail.

I just thought, ‘this year, what can I do to out-beat her?’

Check out her reaction to arriving home/holiday:


With the help of Debbie’s two children, Daniel and Rebekah, Robert decided to transform the back garden of Debbie’s house in Bangor, Northern Ireland, into a holiday-worthy destination, complete with a paddling pool and inflatable lobster.


Robert explained:

We kept it quiet for about a week, and we just kept buying little bits here and there and hiding them at my house so she wouldn’t catch on.

We sent her to go and sit in her mother’s garden, then me and Daniel changed the whole back garden into mini-Benidorm in 45 minutes.

The minute she walked out we had the car boot full and just had to start throwing the stuff into the garden.

Man puts sand and deckchairs in garden to create mini BenidormKennedy News and Media

Daniel, 27, brought the beach home after stocking up on eight bags of play sand from the supermarket, which the family then spread out on top of a plastic sheet.


Though the scene might have been lacking a few Spanish locals and the country’s hot weather, Robert, Daniel and Rebekah managed to add a bit more authenticity by throwing bread onto the roof of the house in order to attract seagulls.

When she returned home and saw the mini-Benidorm in her garden, Debbie was overwhelmed and broke out into fits of giggles.

Family draw in the sand on their fake beach in gardenKennedy News and Media

She said:


I just walked in and was like ‘what the heck’?

I couldn’t stop laughing. There was sand, the paddling pool, cocktails and balloons, and then I even made my own brandy coffees.

[Robert] does all types of crazy stuff. You never know what he’s going to come up with next.

Family enjoy their mini Benidorm in gardenKennedy News and Media

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The family braced the ‘bloody freezing’ whether and sat outside in tank tops and sunglasses, enjoying a BBQ to the soundtrack of Becky’s holiday-themed playlist.

Robert had even thought to bring a speaker playing the sound of ocean waves so Debbie could sip her cocktail and imagine she was looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea.

The family members partied into the night, with Robert commenting:

In the night we were sitting out with blankets around us, but that didn’t stop us partying.

Man puts sand and deckchairs in garden to create mini BenidormKennedy News and Media

Debbie said she had a ‘great’ day and plans to make use of the back garden until ‘the moment they lift that restriction’, when the family will jump on a plane to Benidorm.

She said:

Obviously we won’t be going anywhere this year with all that’s going on, so we’re just going to have to have everything in the back garden all summer.

Family enjoy cocktails in mini-BenidormKennedy News and Media

The family even have a plan to re-use the beach’s sand to fill in the cracks between slabs in the garden path when they are finished with it.

So there you have it – when you can’t go to Benidorm, bring Benidorm to you! Amazing.

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