Guy Terrified As Mum Sends Him Pictures Meant For His Dad

by : Julia Banim on : 06 Nov 2017 17:33

It’s the message which would leave any man chilled to the bone.


A few WhatsApp images from mum – with two heart emojis – followed by a truly gruesome apology: ‘Sorry meant for dad’ with a crying laughing face.


Needless to say, 24-year-old Liam McDonald was not laughing as he nervously took to Twitter to ponder what the sinister images might contain:

sh*ting myself to open this


Of course, many of the Dundee man’s Twitter mates were absolutely delighted by his anguish, pestering him to open the pics.

One person begged: ‘oh cmon you can’t leave us hanging like this’ while another pleaded: ‘the suspense is killing me’.


Other Twitter followers took a different stance, advising our hero to drop his phone in a blender or smash it to pieces immediately.

One person urged: ‘just burn the thing man’.

Another gave the following dark warning – and I read this entirely in the voice of grizzled shark hunter Quint from Jaws: ‘Don’t do it mate. There are some things a son just shouldn’t see. You may never be able to have sex again!’

Time went on and people were getting impatient. One eager beaver actually tried to hack Liam’s WhatsApp, whereas another set up a poll to see how many people wanted the images to be opened.


One person demanded: ‘How many RT’s for you to open it?’, to which Liam replied, ’10k’

This stoked the excitement and the original tweet pretty much exploded Twitter, in what is one of the more unlikely intrigues of 2017.

In fact, the tweet has been retweeted over 25,000 times. Are Liam’s mum and dad the new Kim and Kanye?!

Speaking with Mail Online, Liam finally revealed what was in the most hyped WhatsApp pictures of the year.

After bracing himself for the worst, Liam opened the images to see… some cute photos of his newborn baby cousin.

Why, what were you thinking, you filthy scoundrel?

Speaking with UNILAD, Liam said:

I knew it would of been something normal but I had a laugh.. it was a photo of my new born cousin in the end!

Mum doesn’t know about it.. the internet response has been mad, celebrities messaging me and worldwide messages by mail.

Somewhat cruelly/hilariously, Liam hasn’t yet revealed the contents to his Twitter followers, preferring to leave them in suspense.

Julia Banim

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