Guy Thought He’d Bought £140k Bungalow For £7k But Actually Got £40 Grass Area

Guy buys strip of land instead of bungalowGoogle Maps

A Florida man thought he’d snagged a great deal by purchasing a bungalow for $9,100 (£7,000) but it turned out he’d just massively overpaid to own a foot-wide strip of grass. 

Kerville Holness spotted the supposed deal in an online auction, where Broward County were selling properties which had defaulted on their taxes.

He looked at photos showing the villa, which is worth $177,000 (£140,600), and believed he’d become the proud owner of the bungalow when his bid came out on top.

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As it turned out, however, Kerville’s new property was actually much smaller and less developed than he’d initially anticipated. According to the Sun Sentinel, as per Fox News, it was actually a one-foot-by-100-foot strip of grass which separates two villas in Tamarac and extends out of the front and back, worth just $50 (£40).

Unless the owner could squeeze himself into one of the two mailboxes situated on the grass, his new home was actually just the ground.

Understandably Kerville wasn’t impressed to discover the truth and asked Broward County to void the deal and return his money but county officials said state law does not allow for refunds.

Guy accidentally buys grass instead of houseGoogle Maps

Although the photos on the online auction had made it seem as if the villa was for sale, the appraiser’s website and information on the county’s tax site reportedly show no villa or building value.

Officials aren’t sure why the strip of grass was never attached to one of the two villas it stands between.

Kerville spoke to the Sun Sentinel about the unfortunate mistake, saying he felt he’d been duped by the County.

He said:

It’s deception. There was no demarcation to show it’s just a line going through the [villa duplex], even though they have the tools to show that.

If I’m vindictive enough, I can cut right through the garage wall and the home to get to my air space, but what use would that be to me?

Hopefully the disappointed man will find something useful and creative to do with his long, thin patch of grass. It would be a shame to waste it after paying so much in an attempt to be the proud owner.

I think Kerville’s story can be a cautionary tale to us all when it comes to online shopping; always thoroughly check the details before confirming your bid!


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