Guy Tries It On With Girl At Beach Party, Instantly Regrets It


Here is a video that will serve as a warning to all wannabee Casanovas in snapbacks who try it on, unprompted, with super powerful kickass women.

As summer approaches, the mating call of adult humans can be heard across beaches worldwide as we apparently all uncontrollably descend into carnal beings on heat. But this mating ritual is a minefield of missed signals and mixed messages.

So, be wary, unlike this guy, who got absolutely taken down publicly in the video below:

Posted by WHATviral on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The unnamed gentleman, sporting a vest, attempted to entice a female’s advances with his allure, approaching rather suspiciously from behind in scenes that look more Fight Club than ‘Happily Forever After’.

In response, the bikini-clad beach-goer proceeded to swiftly manoeuvre into the perfect position – lulling the male into a false sense of security – before getting the guy in a headlock and taking him down to the ground.


The crowds are quick to pull out their phones and revel in his embarrassment, along with the thousands of people who have since watched the resulting footage on Facebook.

Rule number one: definitely, definitely don’t grab strangers on beaches who don’t want to be grabbed. You’ll end up with bruises on your backbone, as well as your ego.