Guy Provokes Jealous Ex With Photo Of New Girlfriend With Disastrous Results


Break ups aren’t easy; but as the wasteland of your former relationship is littered with social minefields and all the feels, it’s probably best to not be a dick.

Unfortunately, this guy did not get the memo.

In an attempt to get revenge on his former girlfriend, and send her wild with jealousy, he sent a selfie of himself and his new beau to his ex – just in case she missed it splashed all over his Instagram feed.


The arrogant message read, ‘Hope this doesn’t upset you if you see it…’

If the message wasn’t enough to signal that these two were better off parting ways, after all, the ex’s response puts somewhat of a dampener on their former flame.

Little did the unsuspecting guy know, his ex had moved on faster that Taylor Swift can write an angry break up album.


The girl responded with an image of her shiny new engagement ring, saying, ‘Hope this doesn’t upset you…’

Ouch. This guy has just been story-topped.

By the sounds of the ex boyfriend’s next response, upon seeing his former love engaged, the weight of realisation set in and it might’ve just stung a little.


The final blow put the nail in the coffin of the pair’s love, when the ex girlfriend text a cold response to his lament, saying, ‘New fone, who dis?’

After running his mouth enough to call her new partner a ‘chump’ – burn – he then added, ‘I’ll always have love for you and I hope you’ll feel the same.’

Here’s to wishful thinking and tarnished hopes and dreams.