Guy Trolls Internet With Hilarious New £5 Note Ebay Post


Just a few days ago one of the new £5 notes sold for over £80,000 pounds. Why? Because it said ‘AK47’ in the serial number. 

Now, of course – that’s beyond crazy, but that is nothing compared to this current eBay item which really takes the biscuit.


According to the description – this item is a ‘New £5 bank note printed upside down. Extremely rare opportunity’, and as you can see it’s currently selling for almost £8,000.

It’s a great investment for a loaded idiot but to anyone with more than half a dozen active brain cells it’s quite clearly just an upside down fiver, or so one would think.


Just in case you thought that this wasn’t a legit ‘printed upside down bank note’ the seller went onto explain that it’s definitely, definitely real after one potential bidder asked: ‘Are you having a laugh? Isn’t this just an upside down picture of a £5 note?’

The seller replied:

The picture was taken of the actual £5 note and is genuinely printed upside down in error. To send you a picture of the same £5 note in the upright position would require me to turn the £5 note 180 degrees and that would be misleading of me sorry.

He added:

It is evident from the item photo that this particular £5 note is not normal. To any reasonable observer the note is clearly printed upside down (on both sides). Details on ‘normal’ notes can be easily read without suffering a crick neck. This note is exceptional and rare because of its unique 180 degree misprint. As far as I am aware there are no other upside down £5 notes in circulation.

And how will the note be delivered to that lucrative successful bidder?  ‘Hand delivered by a Thai beauty queen in a stretch limo’ claims the seller.


Now it’s all rather funny – but this is actually going for almost £8,000.

That’s enough Internet for me today…