Guy Uses Girlfriend’s Ex To Test Her Loyalty, Instantly Regrets It

cheatregret2YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

If you suspect your spouse could be cheating on you it’s understandable that you’d want the truth, but be careful what you wish for.

This young chap called Andrew decided to investigate his girlfriend’s extra-curricular activities after being compared to her ex one too many times.

To put her loyalty to the test Andrew called in YouTubers ‘To Catch A Cheater’, who in turn enlisted his girlfriend’s ex to make a surprise appearance while she was at a coffee shop.

Check out the disastrous results:

Well if you don’t want to know then you really shouldn’t ask.

The ex only has to say hello in order to ignite sparks, and things escalate quickly!


The very public display of affection sends Andrew into a meltdown, with the scorned fella very quick to label his girlfriend as a ‘wh*re’ – I feel your pain man, but be a gent…

Shock horror, Andrew draws a line in the sand and vows to ditch his cheating partner.


While there isn’t any defending her actions Andrew did put the opportunity on a plate for her.

He probably could’ve spared himself some heartache if he’d just asked the question directly, or at least avoided the public humiliation of having 79,000+ people watch his relationship crash and burn.

Chin up though Andrew, plenty of fish and all that…