Guy Wakes Up After Stag Do With Outrageous Donald Trump Tattoo

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It’s probably not ever a good idea to get a tattoo on a stag do. Unless – by some weird chance – you are on a completely sober stag do and have planned your tat months in advance.

Sadly for Lewys Shepherd, from the Rhondda, he woke up the morning after a stag do/rugby tour with a lot worse than just a banging hangover.

After a few bevvies, Lewys had made the somewhat dubious decision to have the image of US president Donald Trump tattooed onto his leg.

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Not a particularly flattering image, the tat captured Trump mid-speech, teeth bared and one finger raised. Not exactly one to hang up in The White House.

Now, if he was a fan of The Donald then this might have been an, erm, proud (?) thing to wake up to and salute. However, it turns out that Lewys isn’t even that mad keen on him…

Filled with regret, Lewys headed to E4’s Tattoo Fixers to see if they could help him out with this woefully awkward ink.

Speaking with tattoo artists Steven ‘Sketch’ Poerter, Paisley Billings and Uzzi Canby, Lewys revealed the whole sorry tale:

I’ve got a sh*t tattoo that I need gone.

I was on a stag do/rugby tour, had a few too many, ended up in a tattoo shop and had a bad tattoo.

Man gets tattoo fixed.E4

Although other members of the boozy Stag group opted to have nose and eyebrow piercings, Lewys was the only one to get a tattoo.

Lamenting over his drunken choices, Lewys said:

I thought it was a great idea at the time… until I sobered up.

It’s a bit of a controversial person.

Man gets Donald Trump tattooE4

Responding to the aghast tattoo fixers, Lewys clarified he was in no way a supporter of the loudmouthed President Trump:

I was just drunk, and he’s in the news a lot isn’t he – so, that’s the first person that popped into my head.

I want to make it clear, I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. For some reason that’s what popped into my head, and as soon as I said it, there was no going back.

Man gets Trump tattoo.E4

Fortunately, the tattoo fixers were able to make Lewys’ leg great again, with Lewys choosing a Native American theme this time around.

Sketch drew up a native American chief, complete with an elaborately illustrated feather head dress. The result was stunning, just showing the importance of thinking before you ink.

You can catch Tattoo Fixers Wednesdays on E4.

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