Guy Who Dumped Woman ‘For Single Life’ Matched Her On Tinder

by : Cameron Frew on : 20 Mar 2020 13:16
Guy Who Dumped Woman 'For Single Life' Matched Her On TinderTriangle News

A self-proclaimed ‘sesh gremlin’ split up with his girlfriend and moved to Australia. Alas, ‘what’s for you won’t go by you’ – they ended up matching on Tinder 18 months later and have been together ever since.

Tina Sarrou and Harrison Kingshott are a prime example of destiny, it seems. Back in 2016, the pair parted ways after Tina grew bored of her boyfriend’s beer-guzzling antics, and Harrison craved the single life.


Unbelievably, the couple’s spark would be re-lit once more. Out of all the people in the world, they ended up finding their way back to each other Down Under – all it took was a couple of right-swipes.

Harrison Kingshott with wife to be TinaTriangle News

Harrison, 28, left for Australia almost immediately after the break-up, whereas Tina, 32, decided to move the following year – having completely forgotten about her ex at that point.

Harrison admitted that the initial split was his own fault, saying:


I was a sesh gremlin, I used to go out all the time. I was one of them boyfriends who would go out on the beer too much. I moved to Australia to get away from Tina. I was sick of us being at one another’s throats all the time.

That was the furthest geographical place warm away from her. I would still be there now if we hadn’t met back up.

Unbeknown to each other, Tina – who’d only been in Australia for two weeks – and Harrison were actually only living two streets apart when they found each other on Tinder again. Before they met up, she messaged him asking: ‘What are you doing here?’

Harrison Kingshott with wife to be TinaTriangle News

Recalling their evening, she said: ‘He took me to Sydney Harbour and we just hit it off straight away. It was really nice seeing him again and he always makes me laugh so much. We ended up getting a hotel and at the time he said he was seeing and living with another girl but it wasn’t serious.’


However, the next day they were back together after Harrison’s then-girlfriend booted him out for spending the night with Tina. After reuniting, they are now due to have a baby next month and have since returned to Seaford, East Sussex.

Harrison Kingshott with wife to be TinaTriangle News

Harrison, a plumber by day, proudly claims he’s often mistaken for James Corden, or more specifically Smithy from Gavin and Stacey, joking that he’ll be naming their baby Neil it’s a boy.

He added:


I am the real life Smithy. We sound the same too both being southerners. I get it on a weekly basis and I have scammed so many free drinks because of it. People have asked me to phone their mums so they can see me. I say I will do it if you buy me a Bacardi. I always tell people it is not me but they call me a liar and then I just go along with it. The fatter I get the more I look like him.

While Tina can’t deny the resemblance, she’s confident Harrison is even funnier and more handsome than The Late Late Show host.

Tina recognises the resemblance but believes her man is even funnier and better looking than the millionaire chat show host. ‘He is always being asked for selfies and it has gotten out of hand since Carpool Karaoke took off – which I love,’ she said.

Harrison Kingshott with wife to be TinaTriangle News

Last year, the pair got engaged after Harrison proposed in Turkey, the destination of their first ever holiday. ‘I never ever thought I would end up with Harrison again after how we broke up. But he always finds a way to make me laugh no matter what and we are so happy together,’ she said.

The power of love: pure luck, or a force from above? Whatever it is, it’s worked out well for Tina and Harrison – congratulations to the happy couple.

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