Guy Wins £43,000 At Poker, Puts All His Winnings On Black

Ant Samuel/Las Vegas Ninja/Facebook

There are people reading this who probably consider themselves thrill seekers, but let me tell you – you’re nothing on this guy.

Jake Cody, a professional poker player – who just played at the UK Poker Championships – won a four-way split pot, which meant he took home £42,670.

For most people, this would be the end of the story, but Jake Cody is clearly a man who lives life on the edge – he decided to put his money on the roulette table.

Ant Samuel/Las Vegas Ninja/Facebook

Obviously, this tactic draws a massive crowd, because who doesn’t want to live vicariously through this guy?

Cody sticks everything he just won on black, with the owner of the casino himself coming in to spin the ball and decide Cody’s fate.

At this point, the crowd is chanting in support and you can only imagine how tense the guy is feeling watching the little white ball go round and round.

WATCH as Jake Cody Puts $60,000 UKPC High Roller Win On Black!

After a four-way chop, Jake Cody put his entire $60,000 on black! Video credit: Ant Samuel.

Posted by Las Vegas Ninja on Monday, 26 February 2018

Amazingly, the ball lands on number 22 – black – meaning Cody doubled his winnings and walked away with £85,340 – a phenomenal amount of money.

As you can expect, the whole crowd erupted in pandemonium, rushing to congratulate the maverick who just doubled his winnings.

It’s reasonable to assume Cody had a pretty sore head the day after, as did most of the people in the casino, as he probably bought a fair few rounds in.


While this is certainly a massive haul for Cody, it’s nothing on the guy who spent a tiny £4 and walked away a staggering £6.3million richer.

Known only as ‘Neil’ – the lucky guy walked away with the huge win just an hour after making his first deposit with online casino Casumo.

He transferred £30 into his newly-opened account before using just £4 of it on a spin on the ‘Hall of Gods’ game.


Neil, who was playing the game on a laptop in his kitchen, was left ‘speechless’ as he hit the multi-million windfall, which also happens to be the biggest win at Casumo, ever.

He said it took him a while to realise he was a winner and he even called his wife into the kitchen to double-check before getting excited.

Once the life-changing win had sunk in, Neil said the first people he called were his parents.

Neil, from Aberdeen – who wants to remain anonymous – said:

From my voice they knew something was up. I told them I’d won some money.

Then I wrote down the entire win on single pieces of paper, laid them on the floor and when they came over I asked them to guess what it was.

They thought it was a lottery number.


Neil’s huge win is the biggest ever recorded at Casumo online casino, breaking the previous record by almost double – it was also the fifth multi-million-pound jackpot to be won on the site in 2017.

While all of these winnings might get the blood flowing for a bit of gambling, please remember to gamble responsibly.

For help, support and advice about problem gambling, please contact the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133.