Guy’s Generous Christmas Act Doesn’t Get The Response He Expected

silhouette-of-man-holding-gift-sami-sarkisSami Sarkis

The festive season is a time for generosity and giving – for helping those less fortunate than us.

That’s exactly what this good Samaritan tried to do, even though he’d recently lost his job and was totally broke he gave his last bit of money to someone who needed it more.

Unfortunately, he didn’t quite get the response he would have expected.

Redditor Pm_me_WoWTime described the moment in a thread titled: ‘TIFU [Today I Fucked Up]: by using my lunch money to buy a girl a doll she really wanted’.

He begins:

So I’m going to start off by saying I lost my job, so I go around town doing odd jobs like painting and delivering food to the elderly people in town for a few extra bucks. since it’s almost christmas time, everyone has their family around and doesn’t really need help. so, I literally have 5$ in my pocket for lunch today. so I’m in walmart buying one of their chicken parm sandwiches and a can of coke, when I walk up to mother and her daughter in line. [the little girl had holes in her pants and a stained shirt], and her mother kept telling her to put the doll she was carrying down because they didn’t have the money to pay for it, and that she’s sorry that they have to postpone Christmas until she has the funds. bluhbluhbluh girl crying.

Candy Trinh BlogCandy Trinh Blog

So what did he do?

So I did the manly thing and put my lunch down and purchased the 4$ doll instead, and ran out to the parking lot to give it to the mother. I got screamed at by the mother that her daughter doesn’t need such a cheap toy, and that I should ” Mind my own fucking business about her daughter”, plus calling me a pervert while I’m holding a doll trying to give it to her daughter.

Jesus. That’s not the kind of response you’d expect from a random act of kindness. But the Grinch spirit didn’t stop there:

I went back into the store and tried to return it, but guess what? no holiday refunds on toys.

Come on mate, there’s got to be some good to come out of this:

BUT, I did give it to the mother of a little girl working in the nail salon with her daughter there, and that little girl was very grateful for the toy, and the mother shared her lunch with me.

Thank god for that, faith in humanity restored for now. And fellow Reddit users took to the comments to praise his actions:

We need more good people like this in the world!