Guy’s Girlfriend Tweets All The Weird Sh*t He Says In His Sleep


An ingenious girlfriend has set up a Twitter account specifically to tweet all the weird shit her boyfriend says in his sleep – and it’s hilarious.

The resulting collection of tweets will probably make you happy that your sleep chat isn’t in the public domain, and it also highlights just how fucked up our nightly journeys through dream-land really are.

To be honest, not everyone would want someone posting everything they say in their sleep for the whole world to see – not everyone can have that much faith in their subconscious –  but he doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it.

The tweets range from silly to downright offensive but when Caitlyn (apologies if that is the wrong spelling!) asks her fella – lovingly nicknamed Sir Lord Dick Pat Fowler Esq The 3rd – how he feels about being ‘internet famous’ he sleepily replies: “I don’t care.” To which she responds: “He’s a lot funnier in his sleep, that’s for damn sure.”

Sir Lord Dick Pat’s Twitter account is fast on its way to around 3,000 followers – which isn’t too shabby for a feed consisting entirely of unconscious thoughts.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s what has been going on with Kanye’s account recently – although probably not.