Guy’s Petty Revenge On-Ex Girlfriend Almost Cost Her $100,000

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Some acts of revenge against a former partner can be pretty brutal, but this angry ex-boyfriend took things to a whole new level…


Jennifer Fitzgerald’s ex-boyfriend must’ve been seriously pissed off at being dumped to pull this one on the mum-of-two.

Brendan Preveau abandoned a car at an O’Hare Airport carpark in 2009 under Jennifer’s name and during the two and a half years it was parked there, it racked up more than $100,000 (£80,000) in fines.

She received 678 parking tickets for the deserted car which she could not retrieve, before it was towed away in 2012, DNAinfo reports.

Chicago Police

Panicked by the amount of tickets being sent her away and unable to pay as an unemployed single mum, she enlisted legal advice to help her out of the mess.

Her lawyer, Robin Omahana said:

It was a nightmare for her until I got involved.I thought it would just be writing a couple of letters and making a few phone calls.

Before I filed the lawsuit, the city would not budge off the $106,000. They were taking a hard line.

Her conniving ex-boyfriend bought the car from Jennifer’s own uncle for $600 (£480), but registered it under her name without her knowing.

Thankfully, the fines were dropped from over the $100k mark to a more manageable $4,470 (£3,590) – a fraction of what she previously owed.

Omahana continued:

She’s very grateful it’s all over. She’s pleased we got the city down to just four per cent of their total claim.


Her ex wasn’t entirely let off the hook though, as he was forced to pay $1,600 (£1,284) towards the costs – which still seems a little harsh on her.

Omahana explained:

She couldn’t afford a down payment, so he paid the down payment. He was dragged kicking and screaming into paying anything.

When that’s completed she can get her driver’s license back and move on.

Preveau’s ill-thought out plan clearly came back to bite him on the ass, as he had to pay a portion of the fine or face pricey legal fees.

His attorney, Matthew Prengaman said:

I think he’s glad to have it behind him. I don’t think he was happy about having to pay. But he sees the logic behind settling the case.

He felt it was in his best interest to settle the case.

What a horrible prank to play.

Karma got it’s sweet revenge back on him though and he should think himself lucky he didn’t have to pay the whole damn lot…

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