Guy’s Post Begging Nightclub To Ban His Girlfriend’s Dad Goes Viral


A guy wrote to a club in Bolton to request that they ban his potential father-in-law so that he could talk to other women without consequence.

Yes, the anonymous man thought that Levels nightclub would facilitate his plan to get rid of his ‘bird’s dad’ so he could talk to girls.

He Facebook messaged the Level page saying he just ‘can’t relax chatting to girls knowing he might be in there’.

God it’s so annoying when your girlfriend’s dad cock blocks you in da club isn’t it?

Nah I’m not having this, surely it’s a wind up ???

Posted by Level Nightclub Bolton on Monday, January 16, 2017

It’s not clear whether he innocently means talking to girls, or chatting up girls, but either way he used the reason that her dad was ‘too old to be in there anyway’ at the ripe ‘old’ age of 37.

The message read:

Random one this, basically my birds dad comes into Level all the time and I can’t relax chatting to girls knowing he might be in there.

Is there any way you can make an excuse to ban him?

He’s too old to be in there anyway he’s like 37.

Then he attached a photo of the dad in question just to ensure they got the right guy.

In complete disbelief, the club replied ‘are you joking?’ followed by crying emojis, before the guy replied saying he was ‘dead serious’.


The club replied ‘Hahaha no mate we can’t do that’ before posting the message on their public Facebook page captioned ‘Nah I’m not having this, surely it’s a wind up’.

The people of Bolton couldn’t believe the message, with commenters laughing their heads off.

Although the photo is blurred out, whoever is in it will know who they are, so the guy has probably been banned from Level himself by his girlfriend after all this commotion.