Cheating Guy’s Reaction To Being Caught On Camera Is Incredible


Picture the scene – you’re in a loveless relationship that you don’t want out of and you’ve started having an affair. 

You’ve just been to see your mistress and now you’re driving home while she sings and dances in the passenger seat, recording herself to Facebook.

In a harmless move she turns the camera towards you. Your girlfriend might see it, your girlfriend’s family might see it, who the fuck knows who’s going to see it. So what do you do?

This guy thought fast and the entire thing was later posted to Twitter.

Check it out below:

Yup, instead of bailing out onto the hard shoulder – this 21st century Lothario opted for a swift crisp hand movement knocking the mobile clean from her hands.

Personally I hope the cheat got caught anyhow but I guess that’s just my opinion.