Guy’s Story Of Dodgy Bowels And Ruined Job Interview Is Absolutely Tragic


Nowadays, getting a job has got to be one of the biggest challenges facing, well, pretty much everyone.

So when you finally get an interview, you just pray that you can be as well prepped as possible – and that nothing goes horribly, disgustingly wrong on the day.

Well, unfortunately for Reddit user geordiejew, something did go terribly wrong and thanks to the always amusing Today I Fucked Up (TIFU) thread he’s been able to share his experience with us.

Basically, the 17-year-old managed to bag himself an interview and, obviously nervous, and with about 45 minutes to go until his interview he needed a ‘nervous poo’.


We’ll hand over to him at this point:

You know the drill, the nervous poo, the awful runny badness that your body randomly feels the need to burden you with at the very worst of times.

As I finished I looked for toilet roll and realised to my horror there was none.

Unfortunately for geordiejew, no one was in to help with his predicament, so he decided to make a dash across the landing to his parent’s bathroom to clean up.


But everything didn’t quite go according to plan…

As I step from the bathroom to the landing, I feel a drip down my leg, turns out the nervous poo was basically piss out my ass. Fuck it I’ll run, can’t risk any more drips.

Worst mistake of my life, the sudden shift in pace must have somewhat upset my stomach and after a couple of steps, a mighty uproar of uncomfortable bowel movements were released upon my carpet like a chocolate fountain.

I couldn’t believe it, I stood in shock staring at the carpet shamefully.


In the wake of the disaster, geordiejew was forced to have a shower and then attack the shit stained carpet with industrial amounts of cleaner, only to find that by the time he had finished he had missed his interview.

So he did what any self respecting person would do:

I then binge watched shitty TV all day and ordered takeaway to drown my sorrows.

Hey at least my parents think the interview went well and I’m hopeful for my chances. I hate my life.

Chin up mate, shit happens.