Guy’s Story Proves You Shouldn’t Go To The Same Uni As Your High School Ex


Remember your high school sweetheart? I sure do. Six months of beauty followed by three years of awkward passings by in the corridor and weird half smiles.

I’m sure my story isn’t out of the ordinary. Across the globe there must be billions with similar tales.

However if you want some advice, try and avoid going to the same uni as them. It can end pretty fucking terribly.

Enter Ari Grossman and Kalya Torrey. Two high school lovebirds whose romance turned extremely sour when they went to the same university, reports the New York Post.

Grossman and Torrey went their seperate ways when they were just 15-years-old and living in Malibu, California.

Despite attending the same parties and still bumping into each other from time to time, Ari had absolutely no idea that Kalya resented him – that is, until he was accepted into his dream university, Pace.

What he didn’t know was that Kalya had also been accepted, but he found that out pretty soon when her parents called his parents and demanded he finds another university to go to.

Obviously Grossman refused to drop out but this is literally just the tip of the iceberg.


After the big refusal, Torrey, out of absolutely nowhere, asked the District Attorney’s Office to bring charges against Grossman.

She then sought a temporary restraining order against Grossman, but the judge refused claiming they should just stay away from each other, the lawsuit claimed.

Once they got to Pace – both sides of the finished relationship started accusing each other of stalking and harrassing, so much so that the Dean even intervened telling them both to stop.


Shockingly – one of the claims, which was later found out to be false, led to Grossman being detained in a cell for 12-hours with both his hands and legs in shackles.

And it gets even worse. As well as the harrassment claims made by Kalya, she also made the claim that Grossman had raped her numerous times…

At the minute Grossman is suing his ex-girlfriend for allegedly fabricating rape allegations against him.