Gwent Cops Rush Mortified Woman’s Home After Neighbour Suspects Murder During Retelling Of Break-Up

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While most of us are sat at home, bored and exhausting the entire back catalogue of Netflix, one woman has won the most interesting story of lockdown. By far.

Abby Ball’s evening went from chilled and relaxed to the thing of nightmares after a dog walker phoned the police, fearing they’d overheard a murder.


The 21-year-old, from Bedwas, near Cardiff, was enjoying a couple of drinks with her flatmate Tori Murphy last Tuesday, April 7, when the conversation turned to Abby’s most recent break-up.

Cops Rush Mortified Woman's Home After Neighbour Suspects Murder During Retelling Of Break-UpKennedy News and Media

As the drinks continued to flow, Abby decided to re-enact how she’d thrown a plate that had accidentally struck her ex on the head, which prompted her to shout ‘I think I’ve killed him!’

However, things took a turn for the worst when a passerby heard Abby’s dramatic chant and thought they’d overheard someone being seriously hurt, or worse.


Abby said:

Tori’s living with me. She hasn’t got work tomorrow so we was like, ah, we’ll have a few cans tonight.

[I was] speaking to her, on about the time when all drama went on about my ex and I chucked a plate and I accidentally hit him in the head. And I re-enacted the scene basically.

I was like, ‘I think I’ve killed him!’

Somebody walking past with their dog rang the police and actually thought I’d f*cking murdered someone.

After the dog walker contacted the police, Abby was met with five officers who came banging on her door, fearing she’d ‘murdered someone’.

Cops Rush Mortified Woman's Home After Neighbour Suspects Murder During Retelling Of Break-UpKennedy News and Media

She recalled:

So next thing you know my living room is blue, [and] all these coppers [are] running up my stairs. I’m ready to do a runner, mate.

I didn’t even know what I’ve done. I’ve done nothing. I’ve been on lockdown. I’ve done f*ck all.

So I’m like, ‘What have I done?’, looking at an officer, and he goes, ‘Abby’, because he knows me obviously, ‘Have you murdered someone?’

Abby responded to the officer: ‘I beg your f*cking pardon?’

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Abby says the police then mistook the red eye shadow on her hands for blood.


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Fortunately, Abbey was able to quickly explain the misunderstanding, which she described as ‘the worst Tuesday of [her] life’.

Following the incident, the 21-year-old shared a video on social media showing at least three police cars and vans outside her window, with the caption ‘would be f*cking me, wouldn’t it’.

Cops Rush Mortified Woman's Home After Neighbour Suspects Murder During Retelling Of Break-UpKennedy News and Media

In the comments, she added:


Worst thing is I had red eye shadow on my hand from swatching it and they was like ‘SHE HAS BLOOD ON HER HANDS’ started putting gloves on and that.

Although Abby was able to see the funny side, she told Facebook friends how scared she was when she saw the police arrive.

‘I wanted to cry I swear. I was trying to do a runner I was so scared. I was sweating in nerves. I’m just laughing now,’ she said.

A Gwent Police spokesperson said:

We received a call about an incident at a property in Bedwas, at around 9.20pm on Tuesday 7 April.

Following initial enquiries, no further action was required.

All I can say is that after hearing about this incident, I’m dying to know more about this break-up…

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