Hairdresser Transforms Bald Guys With Non-Surgical Hair Replacements

by : Emily Brown on : 08 Oct 2019 17:24
Non surgical hair transformationNon surgical hair transformationphildoeshair/Instagram/NewsDogMedia

A hairdresser’s innovative hair replacements have gone viral after being used to completely transform guys who are losing – or have already said goodbye to – their hair. 


Though Kevin from The Office did a really good job of promoting toupees by using his to transform himself into an Ashton Kutcher lookalike, traditional hairpieces can be a lot of effort for those who use them.

Rather than having to remove and replace your hair daily, hairstylist Phil Ring, from Rhode Island, uses hairpieces made by Hairskeen USA which can last for months.

Check out some of the transformations here:


Admittedly the process looks quite comical as Phil essentially sticks the hair to the scalp with what looks like double-sided tape and PVA glue, but the result is actually very effective. Plus, there’s no painful surgery involved.

Speaking about why his hairpieces are different, Phil said:

I think people get toupees confused with this because I see toupees more as a type of system that you take on and off every day.

But Hairskeens only need to be replaced every two-six months – sometimes longer for guests that take extra great care of it.

Also, toupees are notorious for being very visible, and super dense with hair. The Hairskeens that I use are durable but also invisible. They rarely ever shed and it’s such a high quality system.

Non surgical hair transformationNon surgical hair transformationNews Dog Media

The whole process takes about three hours and while invasive hair transplant surgery can cost upwards of £7,000, Phil charges £650 ($850) for the first hair-replacement service and between £140 to £150 ($175 to $210) for re-attachment services afterwards.

The 31-year-old has been sharing his clients’ transformations on TikTok, where his before-and-after clips have amassed up to 200 million views. He decided to share the videos as a way to help remove the stigma from male hair replacement.

Non surgical hair transformationNon surgical hair transformationNews Dog Media

Phil explained:


I just want people to know that hair replacement is just on the verge of being the next big salon service and I hope with more stylists learning and brands showing up we can really innovate some new products.

If this video can help one person gain confidence or know there’s a solution for themselves or someone else, then everything I’ve done will be worth it.

Phil has seen very positive results with his clients, some of who see the hair replacements as life-changing.

He went on to talk about the success of his work, saying:

It’s so rewarding when clients return and they are so pumped that they saw people that had no clue they were wearing a hair replacement.

A lot of my guests jump back into the dating scene after getting Hair Systems and I think that says a lot for the confidence hair can bring to someone.


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