Hairdresser Uses Waste Hair To Make 5ft Boris Johnson Mural And People Are Horrified

by : Cameron Frew on : 04 Nov 2021 15:56
Hairdresser Uses Waste Hair To Make 5ft Boris Johnson Mural And People Are HorrifiedAlamy

A hairdresser has accidentally created a new sleep paralysis demon with her Boris Johnson mural, assembled entirely from waste hair. 

Davinia Fox, from Rockwell Green, Somerset, wanted to thank the UK prime minister for shepherding the country through the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen a total of 9.17 million confirmed cases and 141,000 deaths with hundreds more still being reported on a daily basis.


In the early days of lockdown, the sobering reality of not being able to visit the hairdresser or barbers quickly became apparent, with people either letting their luscious locks grow out, attempting their own cut or throwing up the white flag with a buzzcut. Fox said it proved her profession wasn’t some ‘dead-end job’.

In order to complete her hairy mural of Johnson, measuring out at 5ft in length, Fox took two days off work. Her piece took a total of 16 hours to complete, made from a huge amount of waste hair collected during the brief period when businesses reopened between lockdowns.

‘I had well over half a black sack of hair which I very carefully swept up without my clients knowing,’ she told BBC News.


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‘There’s been stigma behind us, where if you’re not clever, you become a hairdresser and it’s seen to be one of those down graded jobs. That has changed as the years have progressed and COVID has definitely helped, now we’re essential.

‘I wanted to give something back. I wanted to show how much people’s hair did grow throughout the lockdowns without hairdressers there. Obviously, it will be swept up, but I would really love it if Boris Johnson could actually see the photograph of it or if he could come down to see it in person, that would be lovely,’ Fox said.


It’s unclear if the PM has seen it, but the reaction on social media hasn’t been kind. ‘This calls for an ultra-Brexit imo. Complete cutoff from world affairs,’ one joked.

‘Imagine going for a haircut and unwittingly becoming part of the Boris Johnson hair mural,’ another said. ‘Really makes my job of collating the most insane things Britain has done this year a lot harder when stuff like this keeps happening,’ a third wrote.

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