More Than Half Of Britain Is Willing To Cheat, Study Finds


According to a study, more than half of Britons admit to cheating in relationships, careers, quizzes and even board games.

Only 43 per cent said they were completely honest in life, with 57 per cent admitting they’d bend the rules in their favour at one time or another.

The poll, which was commissioned by Speed Quizzing, found over one third of people cheat during a pub quiz and more than one in 10 have tweaked the rules when playing Monopoly by paying a sneaky light-fingered visit to the bank.


A spokesman from Speed Quizzing said:

There’s always a temptation during a game or quiz to sneak an answer or peak at someone’s cards – we just can’t help ourselves.

The feeling of winning, especially when there is a prize, is always hard to resist.

It all feels very innocent at first but what’s the fun in fixing a win?

It’s a shame so many fun games are being ruined by a cheating minority.

‘What’s the fun’ they ask; well isn’t the whole point of playing to win?


The poll, which surveyed 2,000 Britons, also found more than one sixth sneak a peek at their opponent’s playing cards or scrabble tiles when they are having a toilet break while more than one quarter have used cheat codes or ‘walkthroughs’ to help them beat a level on a video or computer game.

If you’ve played Crash Bandicoot though, you’ll understand how the stress drives a person to do such a thing.


Regardless of how many of us cheat when playing games or taking part in quizzes, 67 per cent of people get irritated by this.

People are more likely to cheat in pub quizzes than any other competitive game, closely followed by Scrabble and then Trivial Pursuit.

However, the nation doesn’t just cheat to win games…


Nearly half of us admit to pocketing any extra change we are given without saying a word and one quarter of Britons cut a much bigger slice from a cake compared to others.

Meanwhile one in ten of us will even sit in first class on a train despite only paying for standard.



It isn’t all plain sailing though as 23 per cent of us admit we’ve been caught when we’ve bent the rules.

Nearly one third have been caught in the act when cheating during a game or quiz, or even on a partner, with one third of Brits admitting they’ve been caught kissing someone else when in a relationship.

According to the study, one sixth of the nation confessed they cheat because they hate losing with more than one in 10 saying they just can’t help themselves.


One quarter said they would cheat more in life if they knew they could definitely get away with it.

However, because we’re naturally polite British people, there’s always a feeling of remorse, with three quarters of us feeling guilty after cheating.

But if it means we get Monopoly, why should we stop?