Harry Potter Fans Have Just Discovered A Massive Plothole In The Story

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J.K. Rowling has been fairly diligent with the timelines of her beloved characters, giving them complicated back stories and illustrious post-Hogwarts careers.

The Harry Potter universe is so richly detailed, we are continuing to analyse it like a religious text, years after *that* epilogue divided hardcore potterheads everywhere.

However, there is one integral part of the plot which remains a complete blank and fans  have been left scratching their heads…

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The murder of Harry’s parents James and Lily was perhaps the most important event in the series, with Harry’s miraculous survival sparking his destiny as ‘the chosen one’.

The Potters’ death at the wand of vile Voldermort was explored and revisited repeatedly throughout the books; through dramatic revelations, traumatic flashbacks and, in the new play, time travel.

You would therefore think the timeline between baby Harry’s first defeat of the Dark Lord and his appearance on the dreary Dursleys’ doorstep would be much clearer…

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Lily and James met their doom on Halloween, 1981. Hagrid had one job; to transport the baby hero from his family home in Godric’s Hollow to Privet Drive in Surrey, using his magical flying motorbike.

However, Hagrid and Harry do not rock up to Privet Drive until almost midnight on 1 November, leaving a gaping 24 hour gap. What in Merlin’s beard were the half-giant and wizarding baby duo up to during such a long time period?! Professor McGonagall had been lurking around the Dursley’s home disguised as a cat all day for Christ’s sake…

We know for a fact Hagrid scooped up the infant post-haste from the crime scene, ‘before the Muggles started swarmin’ around’. Given the house was almost completely obliterated in the Avada Kadavra attack which left two corpses, Hagrid would have had to get in there sharpish before a well-meaning Muggle neighbour packed the infant off to social services.

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We also know Hagrid hadn’t experienced any traffic related issues or obstacles on his journey, as he himself comments he had no problems getting to Surrey from the West Country, where Godric’s Hollow is.

It should not take a day to make such a short journey on what appears to be a very fast flying motorbike. Especially when you consider how in the Wizarding world, there really isn’t much need for long journeys. A pinch of floo powder and you can zoom from your living room to the shopping hub of Diagon Alley before you can say chocolate frogs…

Professor Albus Dumbledore declares he would trust Hagrid with his life, so I guess we are all just going to just have to trust his baby delivering methods too.

But, J.K., if you’re reading this, please help us out. A pottermore post, a tweet… just anything to restore our faith in the cosmic order of the Harry Potter universe!