Haunted Elsa Doll Keeps Mysteriously Returning After Texas Family Throws It Out

by : Cameron Frew on : 15 Jan 2020 10:49
Haunted Elsa Dollemily.osinski.1/Facebook

They’ve tried to let it go. But for this haunted Elsa doll, love is an open door – no matter how many times the family try to throw it out. 

In 2013, Emily Madonia’s daughter was given the must-have Christmas gift of the season: a doll of Frozen’s Disney princess, Elsa.


However, this toy isn’t what it seems: it can speak two languages, hasn’t had a battery-change in six years and operates while it’s switched off. There’s also the small matter of it making its way back to the house after being thrown in the bin – someone ring the Warrens.

Ok guys, seriously, we need help. To recap for those of you who have not been following our Elsa doll saga, Mat threw it…

Posted by Emily Madonia on Thursday, January 9, 2020

The doll has left the Texas family understandably unnerved as it continues to plague their lives. The first time, it was just chucked in the garbage. However, when it returned (to which the children flagrantly denied having any hand in), they took extra precautions – alas, Elsa showed herself once again.

Describing Elsa’s return in a Facebook post, Emily wrote: 


Mat threw it away weeks ago and then we found it inside a wooden bench. Okay… so we were weirded out and tightly wrapped it in its own garbage bag and put that garbage bag INSIDE another garbage bag filled with other garbage and put it in the bottom of our garbage can underneath a bunch of other bags of garbage and wheeled it to the curb and it was collected on garbage day.

Great, right? We went out of town, forgot about it. Today Aurélia says: ‘Mom, I saw the Elsa doll again in the backyard.’ HELP US GET RID OF THIS HAUNTED DOLL.

Current Elsa update:My friend Chris Hogan received the doll today. 1500 miles from here. (He asked for it, don’t be…

Posted by Emily Madonia on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

This wasn’t just some other doll – Emily knew it was her daughter’s because of the markings on it. So, further steps were taken – Elsa has since been mailed (without a return address) to her friend’s house, where it’s tied to the bonnet of his jeep. While she concedes she’s really paranoid, Emily is curious to see what could happen next.

If the doll somehow retraces its steps back to the family home, ‘I might have to open my mind to some of the more supernatural solutions,’ Emily told Click2Houston. She was hesitant to burn the doll, fearing that the myths about the demons then escaping into the open could be true.

Scared Boy Kicks DollScared Boy Kicks Doll4GIFs.com

The family’s story has since circulated the news cycle, and as one would expect, there’s accusations flying around that it’s all a big hoax.

In a Facebook responding to those claims, Emily wrote: ‘Sadly, no. Either the doll is haunted or some crazy psychopath has dug the doll out of the garbage (that was already taken away) and broken into my house/property multiple times. I am going to go with the haunted thing.’

Time will tell whether Elsa could be the newest addition to The Conjuring series.


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