Heated Conflict Ignited Over Whether Working From Home ‘Sets A Bad Example To Children’

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Oct 2021 12:14
Heated Conflict Ignited Over Whether Working From Home 'Sets A Bad Example To Children'@JeremeyVineOn5/Twitter

People across Britain are discussing the benefits and downfalls of working from home after businessman Charlie Mullins suggested doing so sets a bad example to children. 

Mullins, who founded London’s largest independent plumbing company Pimlico Plumbers, expressed his beliefs about working from home during an interview for the Jeremy Vine show, where he said he’d asked his staff to come into work throughout the pandemic because they were ‘essential services’.


The businessman claimed working from home offered a lot of distractions from actually doing work and that people instead spent time having coffee, going to the gym and watching television. He claimed it was a ‘bad thing for children to be at home and just seeing their parents working from home’ because it would make them, in turn, not want to ‘go in to the workplace’.

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He continued: ‘They’re gonna think that’s the normal – you don’t go to work, you sit at home, watch Netflix and do all your chores and all that.’

See Mullins’ interview below:


Mullins expressed belief the people who don’t ‘need to’ work from home should go back into their workplaces and ‘get the economy going’, and his views about working from home were echoed by Women in Business chairperson Tina Knight, who described working from home as doing ‘an hour in the morning, a nice long lunch hour… and an hour in the afternoon.’

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Knight said employees in Britain now have a ‘sense of entitlement’, saying: ‘It’s not the next generation, it’s here with us now. If you were to ask someone what they would like to do, everybody would like to work at home.’

Referring to Mullins’ beliefs on the matter, Knight continued:


That has now set bad examples, you’ve got three generations of families now that have never gone to work, because it’s a mindset.

[Mullins is] looking at that as the way things are going, the sense of entitlement of people nowadays is absolutely incredible.


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The negative comments about working from home were met with backlash by those arguing for the benefits of it, with Jeremy Vine hosts suggesting it would be a ‘positive’ thing for children to see their parents working, and health entrepreneur Geeta Sidhu-Robb describing Knight’s comments as ‘offensive’ on GMB.

She said: ‘I’ve been working from home for 18 years because my eldest son was very ill and I had to make the money to pay the bills and look after my children. I put three kids through private school, have built a business and employ people. I get dressed in the morning and I come downstairs, treat it as an office and put in eight to 10-hour days as my business needs it.’


Social media users have also joined the debate, with one describing Mullins’ view of working from home as a ‘disgusting take on it.’

They continued: ‘Both my sons-in-law are working from home most of the week. They are at their desks longer than they would be in the office. Their children see this – it’s a great example.’

The debate comes as more people are returning to workplaces following the coronavirus outbreak.


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