Here’s How Much Money You’ll Spend In The Pub During Your Lifetime

by : UNILAD on : 22 Sep 2016 11:28

If you’re partial to a few hours at the pub every week, you may want to quit drinking right now.


Adults who drink at pubs will run up a lifetime bill of £90,942.

Yup – £90,942.

On average, we spend just over three hours a week at the local, spending almost £28 each time.


This means a total of just under seven full days a year – the equivalent of more than one year and two months over the average adult lifetime, will be spent in the pub, The Mirror reports. And we’ll have racked up a bill of nearly £100,000 on pints by then.

According to online market researchers OnePoll, which commissioned the research of 2,000 people, the average adult will drink around 13,104 alcoholic drinks and 3,276 shots between the ages of 18 and 81.


Kevin Smith, a spokesman for OnePoll, said:

The traditional pub is a British institution and are still a huge part of our culture.

Some see a trip to the pub as a way of winding down at the end of a long day at work, while for others, it’s more about big nights out to celebrate a special event.

For many couples, it’s just a way to escape the kids, tuck into some nice food and catch up with their other half over a cold beer or wine.

Either way, it seems we are still spending a large amount of our time and money in pubs.

Basically, if you want to save yourself a shit ton of money you may want to consider cutting down on the drinks or dodging a round or two by nipping into the bathroom when it’s your turn to pay.

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