Here’s How Quickly A Zombie Apocalypse Could Wipe Out Humanity

Flikr/Gage Skidmore

It might not be something you’d spend time considering, but if there was a zombie-virus that swept though the world 28 Days Later style, how long would we last?

Apparently, not that long, according to a study from Leicester University the Daily Mail reports.

The researchers ‘predict’ that in a horrendous scenario like this, humans could be completely ‘wiped out’ in under six months.

They calculated this humbling piece of information with a formula that works out how many people would survive after 100 days from an outbreak.

The result revealed that terrifyingly only 100 people could survive, but within six months they too would have either died or even more disturbingly, succumbed to the zombie virus themselves…

The students involved in the research calculated how long it would take for a zombie apocalypse to affect every human on the planet.

A model was then used to predict how fast an infection could sweep through a population.

Although their results were worrying, the students explained that the data they worked from is not perfect and perhaps somewhat reassuringly, they failed to include humans killing zombies.

They said:

Including this may give the humans a better chance at survival.

Last year, researchers looked into how your average person in the UK was prepared for a zombie attack.

Curiously, over a third of the UK has a ‘grab bag’ ready for if a disaster occurs, but experts say these might not actually contain the right things to keep you alive in a zombie situation.

Professor Lewis Dartnell from the University of Kent claimed that a survival kit should always contain ‘a fire-starting kit, water bottle, small knife, rope and food.’

The Professor, who is also author of the handy book The Knowledge: How To Rebuild Our World From Scratch suggested that people hot-foot it down to the beach, a supermarket or golf course if there was an apocalypse.

He also advised that people heading to the supermarkets should pick up supplies to last them an astonishing 55 years… Comforting.

He continued:

Clearly we shouldn’t be worrying twenty four seven about a potential apocalypse but it’s interesting to take a snap shot of where we are now and how we’d fare – individually and as a society.

At the Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair on last year’s World Zombie Day – yes that is a thing – research found that 68 per cent of people were confident in first aid and 53 per cent in farming.

Despite this, less than 32 per cent said they could make or repair tools or make up fuel.

The professor added:

People’s survival instincts are strong but without a greater focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths)  skills, the speed at which we’d return to ‘society as we know it’ would be seriously impeded.

Rather than duck and cover, the country needs to know how to stand and recover from any disaster.

He also usefully suggested that ‘electricity, soap, charcoal and glass’ are some of the most worthwhile substances to use if we wish to re-build our zombie-ravaged society…

The Chief Executive of EngineeringUK, behind the fair said:

Many of the skills required to rebuild communities in a post-apocalyptic world reflect those held by the professionals currently addressing the global challenges of sustainable energy, clean water supply and food security.

Apocalypse or not – these will be critical to our future.

At least we can start preparing for our potential downfall and savage death now…