Here’s How To Keep Cool In Bed During The ‘Heatwave’



Finally, it seems like summer might actually be here – as UK temperatures look set to hit highs of 34 degrees today and forecasters expect it to be even hotter tomorrow.

That would make it the hottest day of the year so far and, as a result, Public Health England has issued some helpful advice to keep us all enjoying the sun safely, reports The Mirror.

But with temperatures set to stay high at night, here are some tips to stay cool between the sheets and wake up refreshed the next day.


1. First of all, ditch those fancy silk sheets. To maximise coolness it’s all about nice, light, breathable cotton – ideal for ventilation.

2. It seems obvious, but open windows and inside doors to create a draught, and if you have a loft or attic you can open the hatch to help hot air escape from lower in the house. Best to leave your front door shut though.

3. According to the Sleep Council, it’s apparently better to wear ‘light cotton nightwear’ than nothing at all. Why? Because the material will help ‘absorb any perspiration’ during the night. Nice.

Young woman reacting in shock to cold shower waterPixabay

4. A cold bath or shower just before bed can help to lower your body’s temperature – as can drinking plenty of water throughout the day and evening (as well as keeping you hydrated).

5. Difficult given the weather, but try to avoid drinking too much caffeine or alcohol – or eating too much – as these all raise the body’s core temperature and can increase dehydration.

6. Really shake things up – fill a hot water bottle with ice-cold water and put it in your bed…

7. Alternatively – and if you ask me – weirdly, you can stick your pillow case and sheets in the fridge or freezer to cool them before going to bed. Not sure about that one…


8. Cooling your feet helps lower your body temperature so a little foot soak before bed could be a good shout…

9. If you’ve got an electric fan, try putting a tray of ice and some water in front of it to cool the air it blows around the room.

10. Switch off any electrical appliances that you don’t need as they actually kick out quite a bit of heat.

Sleep well!