Here’s One $300,000 Reason You Shouldn’t Go Into Work With Vertigo

by : UNILAD on : 13 Feb 2016 13:26

There’s nothing worse than having to go into work when you feel like death warmed up – especially if your job involves $300,000 (£207,000) pieces of art.


Redditor Fugeezy may have taken the gold medal for work based fuck-ups with this tale of despair that they posted to the always amusing ‘Today I Fucked Up’ (TIFU) Reddit thread.

Fugeezy works at an art gallery and sometimes has to move around some pretty expensive artworks.

Let’s hand over to them to spell out exactly what happened:


Last week I had a terrible ear infection that gave me vertigo. I called in sick, but my boss told me I had to come in.

After taking a tremendous amount of medicine, I felt alright, as long as I didn’t stand, move, or breathe slightly.

My boss asked me to move a piece of art work, and I obliged because I’m an idiot.


That seems bad enough but, bearing in mind Fugeezy has fucking vertigo, what happened next seems pretty stupid:

Not only did I have to move the artwork, but I had to put it up high on the wall because of the way we place our art.

I had to get on a ladder and everything was fine until I started to get dizzy and dropped the canvas.

The framing popped open, the glass shattered, and the canvas had a tear in it.

I was near tears and my boss runs in and starts freaking out – this particular piece is worth $300k, and the artist, who is very well known, was loaning it to us.

Fugeezy hasn’t been to work since – I bet the boss wishes she just let them take the day off.

However, that wasn’t quite the end of the story:

I decided to call my boss and she said she’s setting up a meeting with the curator of the gallery and I should expect a reply on Monday if I still have my job.


It looks like everything should be fine though – which is fair enough as it doesn’t really seem like Fugeezy’s fault:

My co-worker just texted me and told me that the curator just got out of a meeting with the Board of Directors and they walked out of the meeting laughing.

Sounds like they’re safe. Maybe.

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