Here’s What Happened When Republicans Kissed Democrats For The First Time


Republicans are not the Democrats’ favourite people right now, and vice versa.

Amid the current political climate of free speech at any cost, bile-filled liberal laments and conservative keyboard warriors are clogging up social media feeds across the Western world with hateful and personal attacks on each party.

The dust has barely settled after one of the most controversial and divisive elections in American history, so now seems as good a time as any to throw a Republican and a Democrat into a clinically white room together and ask them to kiss… You know, for politics’ sake.


One Democrat participant, named Moon Shine, embraced the challenge, saying:

Our different views are what makes America great… Not to perpetrate that phrase.

The Democratic participants stood for ‘equality’ and ‘giving a voice to those who don’t have a voice’, according to these three party members, while the Republican participants pride themselves on being ‘patriotic’ and ‘financially conservative’.

While you might think the pairs of opposing political party members may not connect on a human level, in fact, away from the polling stations, two of the couples seemed to have what a romantic would call ‘a spark’.

The video serves as a tangible reminder that, actually, political persuasion is not a reflection on your personality or how you behave as a human.

I think, right now, this is a positive message of unity, love and respect that we all need to hear.