Here’s What ISIS Schoolbooks Teach Kids

by : UNILAD on : 08 Dec 2016 10:32

New images of ISIS school textbooks reveal how the terror group teaches its curriculum with symbols of violence and killing.


The pages, found at a special ops unit in Mosul, are used to train child soldiers, known as the ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ with kids being taught maths using images of guns and bombs.

A report from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s Jacob Olidort examined the militant group’s textbooks to show how they spread their messages to people of the most malleable and impressionable age.

ISIS have made their curriculum the only one available to children in their strongholds, leaving kids no other choice than to learn their skewed versions of school subjects.


Weapons are fully normalised and appear throughout, using sentences like ‘The jihadist detonated himself for Allah’ to teach them Arabic.

inside_the_textbooks_isis_uses-a8f1a7e63df8ad6650d3c30871c4132f-1inside_the_textbooks_isis_uses-a8f1a7e63df8ad6650d3c30871c4132f-1 Washington Institute for Near East Policy

One of the examples reads: “Caliphate soldiers head to the battlefield.”


While learning Arabic, children are reportedly told to repeat: “The bodies of infidels (non-believers) fill the streets.”

Olidort’s research attests to the fact that the ISIS curriculum regularly denounces the West and non-believers to create the next generation of jihadis.

ISIS teachings are structured into two tiers. The first is traditional religious teaching, such as the Quran, Arabic, hadith, creed, and law. The second is ‘physical preparedness’ which covers history, geography, and maths, all of which are taught with an Islamic State bias.


Earlier this year it was reported that ISIS have recruited some 1,500 young people to fight for them.

Many more civilian children have been killed at the hands of the terrorist group.

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