Here’s What Taking A $10,000 Etihad First Class Flight Is Like

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

When I clamber onto a long haul flight, I always look longingly down the left hallway before an air hostess quickly crushes my first class dreams and ushers me to the right.

Well, on an Etihad Airways (the ‘most expensive’ airline) flight, while you’re enjoying the economy class snacks, the First Class royalty are living in luxury, with an ‘apartment’.

Daniel Gillaspia documented his $10,000 flight (which he paid for with air miles) from Abu Dhabi to New York in one of the finest first class cabins in the world.

From the moment they arrive at the airport, there is a complimentary chauffeur service so you can arrive in style to the First Class desk.

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

Of course your luggage is taken from you immediately before being escorted to the plush check-in desks.

There are definitely no queues here, and in fact a leather chair in case you need to sit down while they print your ticket on glossy card.

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

Then you can nestle into the First Class lounge and spa which is a treasure trove of treats and pampering.

In here you’re treated to complimentary haircuts, shaves, massages, and there’s even a whiskey and cigar room.

When you enter your apartment on the flight, you will be greeted by a personalised letter, letting you know that your comfort and relaxation will be ensured.

They pay attention to the lighting and boarding music to get the tone just right.

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

Here’s the leather apartment…look at all the leg room.

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

Of course you need a vanity cabinet. You need to look as good as the room.

Each room fits three windows and has a sofa, a 27-inch wall-mounted television, and a leather armchair which reclines into a bed.

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

Then there’s the minibar filled with a range of soft drinks, while champagne is a bottomless option when you’re first class.

There is an on-board shower and spa where you get five minutes of running water and 30 minutes to freshen up.

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

You won’t feel like you’re on a plane when they serve up dinner.

They’ll transform your apartment into a dining room and bring you china plates and crystal glassware.

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

Your food will not be sausages and mash in a foil box, but instead a fine dining experience.

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

Then, when you’ve exhausted the Champagne and delicious food, the crew will transform your apartment into a bedroom, with double beds available for travelling couples.

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

Look how comfortable that looks!

Flickr/Daniel Gillaspia

Daniel Gillaspia wrote:

Every detail and component of the experience is well done standing alone, but when you combine the extraordinary service, the fine dining, the elegant lighting and decor, the features, and the spectacular uniqueness and comfort of the Apartment itself, something is achieved that can only be understood by experiencing it.

I’m not sure I’d want to get off the plane if I was treated like this.

Alas I will never know because a first class flight from London to Dubai will set you back over £2,500.