Here’s Why So Many Instagrammers Are Posting Pictures Of This Pool

by : UNILAD on : 03 Dec 2016 08:53

Remember the blogger who realised that someone was following her footsteps around the world and copying her enviable posts in luxurious locations on Instagram? 


Well this time, the same travel blogger has caused a stir with a beautiful picture of a Moroccan swimming pool.

According to the Daily Mail, her followers have been so taken with the idyllic image that they have set about on their own journeys to the hotel in Marrakech, to copy her snap.

Lauren Bullen, behind the clearly inspirational blog that everyone wants to steal, Gypsea Lust, discovered another user @diana_alexa imitating her own posts, down-to-a-tee.


She never imagined that her wistful swimming pool shot would be the cause of so much copycatting though.

The pool itself is actually at the Riad Yasmine, a small hotel in the Moroccan city, run by a french couple, Gabriel Paris and Alice Tassery.

In order to get more exposure for their business venture, the couple involved the likes of influential travel bloggers to help promote their accommodation.

One of the owners, Tassery said:

We earned so many followers and new guests after they shared it.

She exclaimed that ‘more than 80 per cent’ of travellers booked their stay at the hotel after spying the stunning photos circulating online.


The tranquil location has now even been given the title of having ‘the world’s most photogenic pool.’

Tassery explained the meaning behind the unusual symbol embedded on the floor of the pool.

She said:

The symbol inside the pool represents the Amazigh symbol (Berbere culture) which means free man, the land and the language. And it is part of the charm of the Riad.

Framed in beautiful green-leafed palm trees, with inviting stripy sun loungers, it’s no wonder bloggers are hot-footing it across the globe to get a room at this unique hotel.

Although, the rooms are only between 95-125 euros a night and with such a media hype about this tiny part of the world, waiting lists are a sure-fire certainty.

I would definitely take the plunge and take the chance to stay at this little piece of heaven regardless though…

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