Conspiracy Theory Reveals Why Starbucks Always Spell Names Wrong On Cups


It’s a struggle to find someone who has had their name spelled correctly on a Starbucks cup.

This isn’t a coincidence. Starbucks do not exclusively hire people who struggle with other people’s names.

This conspiracy explains that Starbucks baristas are instructed to come out with whacky spellings so people take an enraged photograph and post it to social media.

Think about how many people have tweeted their Starbucks cup without realising the favour they are doing the huge former tax-dodging corporation.

It’s so that you’ll take this photo! That’s why!

They are fully aware that Lloyd is not spelled like that.

Yeah they heard you just fine Rori…

The conspiracy video was created by Youtube channel Super Deluxe…

The video asks the question, ‘What do all these pictures have in common?’. The answer is the ‘familiar green Siren’ (aka the Starbucks logo).

Imagine if it’s all a publicity stunt to get their brand marketed for free. Imagine.