Hilarious Photos Show First Day At School Taking Its Toll On Little Girl

by : Lucy Connolly on : 23 Aug 2019 16:19
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School is tough. Especially the first day back after a long summer of playing out with your mates and playing knock a door run (if that’s what kids even do these days – probably not).

No-one knows that more than five-year-old Lucie, who sported a rather dishevelled look after returning home from her first day at school and managed to represent the entire population in a single picture.


If the photo isn’t the PG version of ‘before vs after a night out,’ then I don’t know what is. In fact, you could apply Lucie’s ‘after’ picture to basically any situation (working life, going to the gym, work again…) and it would sum it up perfectly.

Before entering education…

First day of school transformationFacebook

The schoolgirl, from Glasgow, Scotland, had been all smiles in the morning of her first day, standing proudly for a photograph next to her big brother.


Smiling happily at the camera, Lucie’s bow was perfectly in place, her socks were pulled up high to her knees, her hair was neatly combed, and her yellow and black tie was tied neatly around her neck.

Fast forward to approximately seven hours later after a long, hard day at school, and Lucie looked slightly – erm – different. Her hair had blown all over the place, the bow hanging precariously off her head, and her socks were down by her ankles. Her tie also looked a little worse for wear.

Don’t worry about it Lucie, we’ve all been there.

After a day in education…

First day at schoolFacebook

Lucie’s mum Jillian said her daughter had actually come out of school looking worse than she did in the photo, telling the Metro: ‘She had her skirt round her ankles almost and a bow at the back of her hair’.

The mum-of-four added:

I think her clothes were too big slightly and she was pleased to see her friends.


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However, if you want to know what exactly Lucie got up to during her school day – did she run a marathon, get in a wrestling match, or get caught in a tornado? – you might be slightly disappointed.

That’s because, when her mum asked her what she’d been up to, Lucie replied in a typical five-year-old manner and simply said: ‘Oh, nothing much’.

School white boardPixabay

Jillian said Lucie had a ‘great day’ seeing all her friends, but was very tired and went to bed earlier than usual.


She added:

She’s one of four. She’s the smallest and is a wee madame. But she is normally very shy, except when she’s around her brothers.

You keep doing you, Lucie. Now if you’ll just excuse me while I go home as a recreation of that photo.

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