Hitler Is Helping ISIS From Beyond The Grave, Here’s How

by : UNILAD on : 12 Aug 2016 18:27

The so-called Islamic State are being helped from beyond the grave by leader of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler.


Not as a ghost, as the Daily Star has suggested, but with the remnants of his own regime’s bid for world domination.

The Jihadi terror organisation have reportedly been using unexploded mines and bombs from the Egyptian desert to continue their bloody assault on anyone who disagrees with their archaic world view.

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Former Egyptian ambassador and landmine clearance chief, Fathy el-Shazly, has said the military have encountered terrorists using Nazi explosives – and it is estimated there are 17 million devices still lying in the desert.


El-Shazly said:

We’ve had at least 10 reports from the military of terrorists using old mines. Even now, these things trouble us in different ways.

The employment of German World War II arms stretches back to 2004 when 34 people were killed by seven bombs built from Nazi mines, and have also been used recently as March. Five Egyptian soldiers died after their convoy was attacked by Jihadis using mines on the country’s Red Sea Coast.

Into TunisiaInto Tunisia

With the military refusing to enter uncleared minefields the weapons are also providing terrorists a safe haven to avoid capture, and local campaigners are demanding German intervention to clean up the area.

Ahmed Amer, head of the Land Mine Survivors Association in Marsa Matruh, said:

They’re getting away from their responsibility. They can’t just come here and then go away. They must clean this up.

Some form of action certainly needs to be taken to prevent further bloodshed.

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