Homeless Guy Breaks Down in Tears After Incredible Transformation

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A man who ended up on the streets of Spain after suffering with depression was given a life-changing makeover.


Jose Antonia was an electrician before he lost his way in life and ended up working as a unlicensed car parking attendant in order to feed himself.

The scruffy, greying homeless man was invited into the upmarket salon by owner Salva Garcia who created an unrecognisable transformation bringing Jose to tears.


55-year-old Jose went from an unkempt homeless man to a strikingly stylish and groomed gentleman.


As Jose said himself: “No one’s going to recognise me unless I tell them who I am.”

As well as dying and cutting his hair and beard, grooming his eyebrows, and adding a bit of make up, the salon provided Jose with designer clothes and shoes in order to equip him to get a ‘proper job’.


People are describing the transformation as ‘hipster’, but these days that just means he has a well-groomed beard.

The change was so striking that a local bar owner served him a beer on a terrace in the Majorca square, and women were staring.

El espiritu de la plaza

Todos tenemos una historia.. y esta es una de esas que vale la pena contar.
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Now, Jose Antonia is clean-shaven, off the streets, and despite his greys returning, he has kept a much healthier look and is still in search of work.

According to Garcia, Jose received financial assistance from a company that wished to remain anonymous.


Jose said:

It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life. What I want now is a proper job.


The video was actually taken in Palma in July 2015 but only went viral over the past few days, drawing a lot of emotion from those who watch it and has received over 8,000 shares on the Salon’s Facebook page.

It’s incredible how a new look and confidence can change a person’s life.

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