Homeless Man Finds Stranger’s £200 Shopping, Gets Repaid Brilliantly

by : UNILAD on : 20 Dec 2016 16:19
Facebook/Lewis Roberts

A homeless man has been overwhelmed with donations after returning a bag of shopping he found in a phone box. 


The man, named Gary, found a £140 suit along with other items from the Greenwoods Menswear store in Liverpool on Friday night, The Mirror reports.

Gary rang the store shortly afterwards in a bid to track down the owner.

The store manager of Greenwoods, Les, explained to The Mirror that it’d usually be impossible to find out who the owner is, but by chance the guy’s friend had left his number as he’d enquired about part-time work.

Facebook/Lewis Roberts

Gary soon met the owner of the suit and gave it back to him personally.

“He could have sold it, he didn’t. It’s absolutely amazing that he even rang us. And it’s incredible how it worked out. It’s almost fate. The owner has said how happy he is – it brings a smile to our faces,” Les said.

The man who misplaced his shopping, Lewis Roberts, soon took to Facebook to share his story and praise Gary’s actions.

Gary, who is in desperate need of medical attention after being beaten up by a group of revellers just weeks before, said he only did what’s right.

This man, Gary found my shopping I had left in liverpool last night and got in touch with the store to get it back to…

Posted by Lewis Roberts on Saturday, 24 December 2016

He said:

The reason I gave the shopping back is because the guy bought that suit for a reason – for a wedding, a funeral, a party – and I wanted him to be reunited with it. I know I could have sold it but that’s not the person I am. I am nothing special though. I just did what was right.

After seeing Lewis’ post, Darren Galvin created a GoFundMe page for Gary, which has since raised over £1,700.


He said: 

I’ve been inundated with offers from the whole of Liverpool to help him get on his feet. I’ve been wanting to help the homeless and this story was so incredible it spurred me on to actually do something. I didn’t realise it would get so big.

It’s phenomenal. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s become a celebrity on the streets of Liverpool with people throwing money at him. But he doesn’t want it. He’s a proud man and instead wants to give back.

However, despite all the generous offers from the general public, Gary is still struggling to find accommodation as the waiting lists for hostels are full and getting a flat is ‘near impossible’.

Darren added:

People come up and offer him two litre bottles of cider but he doesn’t want that. He’s had tears in his eyes when he’s told me that he can’t go anywhere without people thinking he’s on the rob because of his scruffy appearance. But he’s clean, he’s not on drugs and he doesn’t even beg. I’m hoping that he will see that 2017 will be a different year for him.


Gary offered his thanks to all those who donated.

“I want to say a huge thank you to everyone from all faiths and communities. I am humbled by the love they have shown me,” he said.

We wish Gary all the best in 2017 and hope his luck soon changes.

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