Homeless Man Transforms Freeway Underpass Into Home With ‘Jacuzzi’

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Jacuzzi’s have always been a sign of upper middle class wealth. If you’ve got one in your house, you’re doing well in life. I know I haven’t got one. 


Yet somehow, a homeless 59-year-old has got not one Jacuzzi but two of them inside his utterly mind-blowing pad underneath an LA freeway, reports the LA Times.

Ceola Waddell first became homeless when he was just a teen. He was able to pick up an impressive amount of small jobs but nothing too long term.


Eventually Waddell ended up in California where he moved in with his girlfriend.


However the good times rather quickly came to an end when Waddell’s girlfriend tragically died forcing him to go back to a life on the streets.

Instead of crumbling and living under a cardboard box, Waddell enthusiastically decided to make himself a home – which now includes a shoe rack, a guest room, two toilets, a living room, a smoke room, a snack bar, a man cave and, of course, the Jacuzzi’s.


Speaking about his homemade home, Ceola said:

I refuse to let the city beat me down to what they think a homeless person’s profile is, living on cardboard. This should be a landmark.

And you know the best part, Ceola’s rebellion has paid off as he now rents out his guestroom for $10 a night and $25 a week.


All in all it’s an utterly fascinating tale of man’s refusal to be typecast and making something of himself out of absolutely nothing.


However Ceola doesn’t find it as fascinating as myself, saying:

I still don’t get it, what’s so fascinating about this place. I decided I wanted to live like everybody else, make me something nice that I wanted to come home to. If I was in the Arctic I’d make me an igloo.

Humble too. What a guy.

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