Homeless Man Turns Multi-Storey Car Park Into House And It Looks Great

Man turns car park into homeSWNS

A homeless man in Truro, Cornwall has turned a parking space in a multi-storey car park, into his own well-decorated home. 

Paul Lindsay-Jones was evicted from his home earlier this month, but instead of turning to the streets, he got creative and turned a disabled car parking space into what he describes as his ‘own eight-storey hotel’.

The 55-year-old grandfather raided bins and skips around the city, as well as accepting charity donations, to decorate the parking space with various quirky items, framed pictures, bedding, flowers and a cardboard carpet.

Paul, who’s originally from Bodmin, created a small table and is working on making a sofa out of two chairs. The innovative man explained he plans to get some real carpet next.

Man turns car park into homeSWNS

After creating his makeshift house, Paul explained:

I take pride. There are people living on the streets just lying on a sleeping bag. But I like a bit of luxury. It’s about using your brain.

The 55-year-old, who is deaf and reads lips, said he was sad to be evicted from his former home, but also mentioned he was enjoying taking care of the parking space.

He prefers not to be called homeless, and instead refers to people in his situation as ‘city people’.

His creative home even boasts a landline with a cable running from it – though that’s actually just for show.

Paul continued:

It doesn’t work but it’s a bit of luxury, isn’t it? I keep it clean and cause no problems. I’m polite with the public and the security guys have no problem with me.

I don’t mind it – it’s my hotel. I’ve got my own eight-storey hotel. I keep it clean and don’t get any complaints.

Paul has been offered accommodation in Newquay and St Austell, but turned the offers down, saying he ‘gets on’ with people in Truro and wanted to stay there.

Man turns car park into homeSWNS

According to Cornwall Live, members of the public in Cornwall have been supportive of his situation, with the grandfather telling the news outlet:

Someone came up this morning and gave me a carpet. People have been generally quite supportive.

Some people come up and give me a coffee or food. Others have given me a bit of money. They’ve been good to me really.

Paul, who has Asperger’s syndrome and is not able to work, also explained why he turned down offers of accommodation, saying:

Shelter, no, it’s not for me. I had a proper home once. I kept it beautiful. I lost everything. I’m just trying to do the same here.

Man turns car park into homeSWNS

The Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service has said it’s not concerned about a fire risk in the car park, so Paul’s parking spot doesn’t seem to be a danger to anyone, but the safeguarding team at Cornwall Council triggered a multi-agency meeting to discuss Paul’s unusual situation.

Only time will tell if he’s allowed to continue residing in his makeshift home. I have to hand it to him, he’s turned the parking space into quite a cosy-looking spot!

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