Homeowners Find Nightmarish Hidden Room Years After Moving In

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 21 Oct 2020 14:14
Homeowners Find Nightmarish Hidden Room Years After Moving Inu/Stickz587/Reddit

I think most of us would agree that we know our own homes like the back of our hands.

It’s where we spend the majority of our time; we know every floorboard that creaks and we’ve mastered just how to turn the tap to get the perfect shower temperature. So we all know every room in our house… right?


Well, not one Reddit user, who found a creepy secret room hidden in their house – five years after moving in.

Check it out here:


The clip shows the anonymous person finding that two unsuspicious-looking grey bricks can be removed to reveal a lock, and I can’t work out whether it’s more like a spy film or a downright horror.


The ‘door’ then opens on hinges and reveals a room that resembles a pantry or some kind of bizarre secret cupboard.

Sharing the spooky video to Reddit, they wrote, as per the Mirror, ‘Been living in this house for 5 years, never noticed there was a secret door leading to a little storage cubby behind the dining room finish.’

Unsurprisingly, the people of Reddit absolutely lost their sh*t, and quickly compared the ‘nightmarish’ discovery to something out of Parasite.

Homeowners Find Nighmarish Hidden Room Years After Moving Inu/Stickz587/Reddit

‘Imagine opening it up and finding signs that someone has been living there a long time,’ one Redditer said, while dozens of others suggested they would be more likely to find some hidden skeletons.

It does make you wonder what the previous resident wanted to hide enough to make them install a cupboard that is completely hidden to the outside world…

When one Reddit user commented, ‘Huh, that’s kind of creepy actually,’ the original poster replied, ‘Kinda creepy, but no dead bodies at least.’

Ah, well that certainly is a relief.

Homeowners Find Nighmarish Hidden Room Years After Moving Inu/Stickz587/Reddit

They added:

I should’ve brought a flashlight when I recorded but there was really nothing interesting I can find. Just a broom & dustpan, a 1/3 bag of concrete, some wood boards, those little indoor fence things and spare blinds.

When probed further, the homeowner commented that they had noticed the grey-bricked wall did stand out a bit further than the other walls, however there was never anything to suggest that there was anything lurking behind it.


Imagine all the kinds of mystery they could get up to if they chose not to tell the other people living in the house.

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