Hotel Cleaner Shows The Most Disgusting Conditions People Have Left Their Rooms In

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 27 Sep 2021 15:46
Hotel Cleaner Shows The Most Disgusting Conditions People Have Left Their Rooms In@shantons7/TikTok

Trips away in a hotel can be great… unless you’re the person cleaning up after messy guests.

While I thought that it was just general etiquette to leave your hotel room in a reasonably tidy condition, apparently some people aren’t bothered if they leave theirs looking like a bomb’s hit it.


TikToker and hotel cleaner, known as Sharon G on the popular video sharing platform, has documented some of the rooms she has had to tidy up, and I’m sure many people won’t envy her job after watching these clips.

Hotel cleaning trolley (Alamy)Alamy

In one video, there are fake rose petals and balloons scattered all over the hotel room, for Sharon to find a large cake with blue icing next to the bathroom sink.

The blue icing one the cake is everywhere too, and practically turned one of the hotel’s white towels a different colour. There’s also toilet tissue with the icing dotted all over the room, with some of it even having ended up on the shower door.


Watch the clip here:


In another video, Sharon shoes how some guests have left trash scattered all over the floor, as well as leftover bits of takeaway – some of which can be spotted on the white bed sheets.

Panning the camera round, she then discovers a pair of abandoned white Nike trainers, some black sliders, and a couple of other personal items.


Evidently, they were in a hurry to leave.

Check it out:


People have since expressed their disgust at the way some people leave their hotel rooms, with someone comparing the guests to being ‘raised by animals’.


One person commented, ‘How are people not ashamed or embarrassed to leave a place in this state,’ while someone else wrote, ‘Omg who leaves a room like that?!?! Raised by friggin animals [sic]’.

Another said, ‘I’m so sorry people do this! I always “clean” the room before I check out.’

TikTok comments on hotel cleaner video (TikTok)TikTok

Meanwhile, one person suggested people should have hotel credit reports so establishments know a guest’s history, and if they’re prone to leaving rooms in a mess.


Sharon replied to this, ‘Depending on the brand & if [they] have a membership (Marriott, Hilton, IHG, etc), each guests has a “report card” that hotels can add info onto to inform other hotels.’

I think we can all agree those guests deserved a detention.

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