Hotel Sets Up Adoption Programme For Pool Inflatables


Summer is a time of rejection for pool and beach inflatables, they were once loved but they get thrown to the poolside as soon as the temperature goes down and the tourists go back home.

But thankfully a sanctuary for discarded inflatables has opened up in Majorca to deal with the overwhelming numbers of blow-up companions left behind.

It’s an understandable thing, throwing away inflatables at the end of a holiday instead of putting in the extra effort to stuff it into your terribly packed suitcase to go home. If wasteful.

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But think of the trauma of the inflatables, what about how they feel being left behind. has the answer to this moral conundrum, as they’ve opened a sanctuary to allow guests to ‘adopt’ the forgotten inflatables and provide them with a loving new home.

Isabelle Pinson, from, said:

A pool inflatable shouldn’t just be for summer which is why we’re launching an adoption programme for these lost and rejected flotation devices.

We’ve teamed up with Hipotels Gran Playa Del Palma to set up an inflatable sanctuary, where guests can adopt and re-use left behind inflatables, giving them a new lease of life.


The accommodation experts have also polled around 2,000 holidaymakers to get to the bottom of the inflatable epidemic.

They found almost half of travellers have bought an inflatable for a getaway, but only 28 per cent have taken the floaty friends home with them at the end of the trip.

This is despite an average of six hours and 52 minutes spent playing with an inflatable during a typical summer break.

Holidaymakers apparently buy around one inflatable every year, with the classic doughnut being the most popular choice.


Coming in at a respectable second place is the definitive lilo, with a slightly more exotic crocodile-shaped inflatable coming in third.

Interestingly, a dragon-shaped inflatable is the inflatable that holidaymakers are most likely to pack up in prep for their next summer outing the following year.

Perhaps holidaymakers like to pretend they’re Daenerys riding a dragon in the pool under the hot rays of a Mediterranean sun.

There is only one item which tops the list of the most left behind holiday accessory and that is sun tan lotion.

It’s understandable that hasn’t set up an adoption agency for sun cream because that would be pretty gross.

The poll was carried out through OnePoll and found sunglasses, travel adaptors, and underwear were also among belongings commonly left behind following a vacation.