Hotel Staff Reveal Behind The Scenes Secrets You Didn’t Want To Know

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For most of us hotels provide a little break from reality, an oasis of calm where you can enjoy some luxury and pampering, or are they?

A whole host of hotel staff have taken to Q&A website Quora to share some of their most sordid secrets, reports The Mirror.

From deaths to stuff that you really, really shouldn’t touch, once you’ve read these you may think twice before you book your next stay…


 Deaths happen surprisingly often – but you won’t hear about them.


Susan Barry shared an example where a friend was on shift in a Dallas hotel when they got a call at 11pm – someone had jumped and the body landed on the sidewalk.

She replied: “Don’t wake me unless someone gets shot.” At 6am she was woken up because someone had been shot.


You don’t want to touch that… or that, or probably those…


Hotel staff definitely didn’t hold back on revealing the truth about hygiene – Peter Mayer used to work as a housekeeper…

It’s not only true for unused beds, but in general. Shady and cheap hotel/motel managers and owners encourage staff to check if the sheets look clean.

If they do, they tell housekeepers to just tighten it up from the corners.


Worse than that, Peter also revealed that, if someone pisses on a bed, sometimes the mattress is just left standing to dry overnight, and then put back upside down. Nice.

Other things on the ‘not as clean as you hope’ list include glassware, drawers (if a previous guest has put their dirty undies in there – you’re using it after them) and for reasons you can probably guess, the remote.


Mattresses, hmmm.

Brent Decker revealed the grim things that end up on the mattress: 

Gallons of spilt wine, excess bodily fluids, shit beds, and one of my favourites, that time we had a guy kill a monkey in his room…

Jesus, that escalated.



The witching hour is 2am…

James Searson spent several years as an overnight manager at a 5 star hotel and says 2am is when trouble usually occurs – especially on weekends.

Men cheating on spouses with call-girls, filthy rich guests, pro-footballers celebrating a win, students trying to sneak in alcohol that’s when it happens.


Lost something or left it behind? Don’t wait for a call…

Tammy Geist Long admits she wouldn’t call to chase guests who left things behind, no matter what it was.

Tammy explained: 

The reason was that we knew nothing about the private lives of the people who stayed with us.

We never knew when Mrs Smith was going to answer the phone and tell us that Mr Smith wasn’t at a Vermont inn last weekend, he was at a convention in Toledo.

Whoops. That lesson was learned the hard way. And only once.

I’m sure a hell of a lot of people would thank them for that bit of discretion!

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