Guy Hunts Down Kids Who Egged His House And Makes Them Clean It Up

by : Emily Brown on : 15 Apr 2019 09:31
Guy gets revenge after kids egg his houseGuy gets revenge after kids egg his houseKennedy

A prank backfired for two schoolkids when the owner of the house they’d egged tracked them down and got them to clean up the mess. 


Gas engineer Jack Oldroyd adopted the persona of Liam Neeson, circa Taken, when he returned home from an eight-hour shift to discover his front door covered in the gooey mess.

The 22-year-old used his particular set of skills to determine the hit and run was recent, as the egg was still runny. Knowing he was in with a chance of catching the culprits, he sprinted to his computer, which stored CCTV footage of his house.

Jack compiled a hilarious home movie documenting the situation:


The footage showed one of the boys launching an egg at the engineer’s front door before making a run for it.

Jack recalled the moment he found the mess, saying:

I came home from work on that Sunday and there was egg running down the door so I knew it had just happened otherwise it would have baked on.

I went inside, watched the CCTV and saw the two lads throwing eggs.

I thought ‘right, I’m, going to find you and I’m going to make you clean that off’ – it was a bit of a Liam Neeson moment from the film Taken.

Guy gets revenge after his house is eggedGuy gets revenge after his house is eggedKennedy

The determined man jumped in his car and set off on his hunt. After driving around the area for a while, he finally managed to track down the youngsters.

Although he didn’t engage in any intense, Taken-style fight scenes, Jack did confront the schoolkids, who apologised and promised to clean up the mess.

Jack continued:


I didn’t want to clean the door, I wanted them to do it. I got changed and had a quick drive round but couldn’t find them anywhere.

On the way back to mine I saw them and pulled over, I thought ‘perfect, I’ve found you, you’ve done this to my house, you’d better go clean it’.

They went bright red, they knew what it was for before I’d even spoken to them.

They just apologised and said they wouldn’t do it again. I told them ‘I know you won’t, you’re going to come and clean it’.

Guy gets revenge after house is eggedGuy gets revenge after house is eggedKennedy

The gas engineer returned home, though he wasn’t convinced the young boys would actually turn up for their cleaning job.

However, a few minutes later the bashful boys knocked on the door, apologised again, and got to work scrubbing away their handiwork.

Guy gets revenge after house is eggedGuy gets revenge after house is eggedKennedy

Jack said:

After speaking to them I drove home, I didn’t expect them to actually come. They knocked on the door apologised again and then cleaned it.

I gave them a bucket of warm soapy water and some cloths to wash the door down with.

It took them about ten minutes to clean off as the sun had cooked it onto the door, hopefully it’s a case of lesson learned.

The 22-year-old could have saved many innocent people from becoming victims of future eggings thanks to his determination. Good job, Jack!

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