How Japanese Airport Workers Treat Your Luggage Vs UK Staff


I bet whenever you’re stood in an airport waiting for your luggage, you wonder just what goes on behind that separator before your luggage comes out.

Well wonder no more because a Japanese airport worker has been recorded cleaning luggage before passengers arrive to pick it up.

The footage, which has been shared on social media, captures the staff member wiping down the suitcases as they come through the arrivals on a carousel in Japan.


It is unclear in which airport the footage was filmed, or where the bags were coming in from, but one thing is for certain: you wouldn’t be getting this in any UK airports.

When you compare it to the treatment of luggage at Luton by the ground crew which surfaced last year.

A passenger called Jonas Ozolins recorded the careless workers just chucking the bags and cases from a flight on March 13, 2017.

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In the footage, you can see two men standing on the back of a van which transports the cases to the airport terminal.

They are seen launching the cases onto the back of the truck with nary a care about what fragile belongings might be in the luggage.

Even more troubling is the way some of them crash onto the concrete below without the baggage handlers even seeming to notice.

Baggage handlers filmed throwing passengers' suitcases while u…

Baggage handlers are being investigated after this footage surfaced

Posted by London Evening Standard on Friday, 17 March 2017

A spokesman for Menzies Aviation, the company for whom the handlers worked, said:

Menzies Aviation considers the safe conveyance of passengers’ luggage to be a matter of the highest importance.

The behaviour displayed in this video is unacceptable, and an investigation is already under way. We will take whatever action is necessary to ensure that such behaviour is stopped, and our professional standards are upheld properly in future.

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