How Many Of Baba Vanga’s Predictions Came True In 2016?

by : UNILAD on : 10 Dec 2016 15:39

We’ve all heard about the blind, Hungarian mystic, who could eerily predict the future – or so it seems – but exactly how many of her 2016 predictions have come true…

Looking back over the year, Yahoo has compiled a list of the scarily accurate predictions that the supposedly psychic lady made that, scarily, seem to have come into fruition.

First up is Barack Obama.


Our lady Baba apparently predicted that Barack Obama will be the last president of America and on top of that, crazily that he would be African-American.

This may not be strictly accurate, but she also added that he would leave office as the country’s in financial ruin and the north and south are divided. It’s certainly true that the U.S has some economic problems and since Trump’s election, a definite split has emerged…

There will be no more Europe


According to the physic, she predicted that the continent would end by 2016, leaving just empty space and wasteland. While the latter part is not true ( at least not yet anyway) Brexit certainly shook the world when the UK voted to pull out of the EU. Which could technically lead to the breaking up Europe, so perhaps she’s not too far off…

Muslims take-over Europe


While this bit is not true at all, she does go on to say that there will be ‘widespread destruction’ by extremists for many years, until apparently the continent will be no more.

She got the second bit right at least, as ISIS have gained more and more power over the year, with increasing threats and attacks taking place throughout Europe.

She also allegedly said a ‘Great Muslim War,’ will begin in Syria, again not true, but perhaps there’s something in it with ISIS’ control over the country and the huge civil problems their facing.

China will become HUGE

Flikr/ US Embassy

Vanga claimed that starting from 2016, roles will reverse and developed nations will become the ones to be exploited, with third world countries taking over and China in particular will be a major world-player.

Bizarrely, supporting her theory is the International Monetary Fund, which predicted that China will overtake America – economics wise – in 2016, which is scarily now the case…

So in conclusion, whilst a lot of what she said is no more than strange speculation, creepily there is some some truth in her predictions.


Of course, this is all subjective and depends entirely on how you read between the lines.

But I for one, think a few of these are a bit too close to the bone…

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