Hundreds Went To Sad Papaw’s Burger Cookout And It Was Just Awesome


This story about a sad looking grandpa finally proved that the internet does occasionally have a heart.

In case you’ve been living in a cave the last couple of weeks, you would have probably seen the saga of ‘Papaw’. Twitter fell in love with this guy, Kenneth Harmon, a couple of weeks back after one of his grandkids, Kelsey Harmon, tweeted a photo of her very lonely dinner with him.

Apparently five of Papaw’s six grandkids bailed on the invitation to eat burgers with their granddad, leaving him pretty upset, Mashable reports.

But those kids did their very best to make it all right again. Brock Harmon, another grandkid, tweeted the big news last week, saying: “Papaw is having a cookout, and everyone’s invited.”

The big cookout was planned for March 26th at the family’s flea market in Purcell, Oklahoma.

The Harmon’s hoped that this time, Sad Papaw would not be left disappointed.

Attendees would pay $2 for each burger they ate, and the family was also selling “I ate a burger with Sad Papaw” t-shirts for $16. The Harmon’s ordered over 2,000 burgers for the attendees.

And the internet just couldn’t resist a good burger and a hug from grandpa.

Hundreds of people attended, with some driving several hours to spend some time with him.

The burgers weren’t the only thing in high demand, as some people waited in line for over 45 minutes to take a picture with him.

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Looks like Sad Papaw isn’t sad anymore.